Hanmer Springs - Half Day Tramps

Please note: That red flags flying in the Hanmer Springs Village centre indicate all tracks are closed because of extreme fire danger.

Hanmer Springs

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Waterfall Track (moderate)

Duration of walk: 2 ½ hours return 

How to get there:  car park at the end of McIntyre Road

Description of walk:
The winding and moderately steep trail begins at the top of McIntyre Road (accessed off Jollies Pass Road) and heads up the stream edge through dense native forest.

The walk is interesting and varied as it traverses the watershed just above the deep gutter of Dog Stream, (parents with young children need to take care at several places along this track), climbing up wooden stairways in the forest and sidling along small cliff faces to reach the rock face and small basin into which the waterfall plummets.

Take your time at the waterfall face as there is much to photograph, not only the cascade but also the ferns and mosses which grow in profusion at several places alongside the track.

A suggested round trip is to return via the Spur Track and Fir Trail.

Spur Track (moderate)

Duration of walk: 2-3 hours return (including Waterfall Track)

How to get there: Begin 15 minutes before the Dog Stream Waterfall
Description of walk:
At a marked track junction a little below the Dog Stream Waterfall and near another smaller cascade, the Spur Track climbs up and away from Dog Stream, traverses an open hillside at the bushline (where there are grand views of the Waiau Valley) and then slowly descends through native forest and later exotic plantations to reach the Mt Isobel Road near the Nature/Fir trails.

From here the Fir Trail can be used to link your route back to the Waterfall Track carpark. The Spur Track is a particularly pleasing walk as it encompasses a variety of terrain and vegetation types as well as some excellent views making it a good choice for a return route from the waterfall.

The lower part of the Spur Track has been logged, is quite steep and rough, and requires care to negotiate.

Chatterton River Track (moderate)

Duration of walk: 2 ½ hours return (to Jacks Pass)

How to get there: At the end of Jacks Pass Road, drive to carpark.
Description of walk:
The Chatterton River Track provides something a little different to the other walks in the Hanmer Forest region in that it is less visited, a little remote, and has an seclusion not easily found along the more popular walks, it can also be used as a link to climb Mt Isobel from Jacks Pass making possible a reasonably demanding day trip for keen walkers.

Beginning on Chatterton Road, about 1.2km north of the Alpine Adventure Camp (there is a gate here that is sometimes locked making it necessary to walk this section as well), the track heads down to the stream which it then follows all the way to the valley head.

Higher up mature stands of mountain beech will be encountered as well as groves of ferns and some relatively steep sections of track as the route makes its way up the south face of Jacks Pass to the broad summit.

At the pass there is a spectacular view here of the Hanmer Range peaks and over into the Clarence Valley. Mt Isobel is tantalisingly close, making a round trip an attractive option, although you will need to walk to lower part of the Clarence Valley Road and Chatterton Road to get back to your car.

Alternatively the Chatterton Loop Track, which the main trails passes not far below the summit of Jacks Pass, can be used to walk back to the carpark via the old stock route heading down from the pass.

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