How to get there: starting from the "Banana House" on the Village Green in the centre of Hanmer Springs. 
Intensity: A114b-Walking-Track-bw Small
Description of walk: This passes through Chisholm Park with its range of cool-climate trees and duck pond, and then by way of St James Avenue and Caverhill Close to the Forest View and Larch Reserves. It returns to Hanmer Springs by skirting the Woodland Ponds, and following the tracks beside the Dog Stream in a southerly direction. Note the small waterfall on the right caused by an old seismic landslip.

Cross Jollies Pass Road, walking through an area of Sycamore and Willow to Brook Dawson Park. Return to the centre of Hanmer Springs via Leamington Street. A more direct return to the village may be made by taking the side track that leads to Cheltenham Street. Alternatively, continue along to the Dog Stream Walkway to Tarndale Place.