The Graveler

Sunday, 18 February 2024 8:00am - 4:30pm

Hanmer Springs Domain

The Graveler is a 132km unique bike race held in New Zealand that offers a distinct experience for participants.


Sunday, 18 February 2024 8:00am - 4:30pm

$149 - $169  (NZD)


Hanmer Springs Domain

Jacks Pass Road
Hanmer Springs

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Sunday 18th February 2024

While it is ideally suited for gravel bikes, riders can participate on any type of bicycle, gravel, mountain bike (hardtail recommended) or “e-bikes in a non-competitive section”.

The race begins just outside of Hanmer Springs at the intersections of Tophouse, Clarence Valley, and Molesworth Roads. From there, the route follows Molesworth Road towards Molesworth Station, encompassing some of the most picturesque and seemingly barren landscapes in New Zealand. Riders will cross the Waiau Toa/Clarence River and continue alongside the Acheron River until reaching the Red Gate and entrance to Molesworth Station.

The journey continues alongside the Severn River, crossing it, and riding alongside the Alma River until reaching Tarndale Homestead. From there, riders will pass by Lake Sedgemere and proceed onto Rainbow Road, which leads back to Hanmer via Rainbow and Tophouse Road, following the Waiau Toa/Clarence River again.

The route also passes by St James Homestead before returning to the starting point and concluding the ride by heading down Clarence Valley Road to finish at the Hanmer Springs Domain. It's worth noting the cautionary advice about the fast downhill section on Clarence Valley Road to the Finish.

The Graveler is a true gravel race with 99.7% of gravel, with only 400m of tarseal at the Finish, coupled with 1,724m of elevation, it's going to be a race that creates memories.

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