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The most comfortable way to camp in the Hurunui is in one of our amazing camping grounds - you'll have kitchens, bathrooms, a laundry and other facilities at your disposal. 

Freedom camping (staying overnight out of campgrounds) is only permitted in vehicles which are certified as self-contained.  The Hurunui District Council has recently reviewed their Freedom Camping Bylaw and the new bylaw came into place on 1 September 2018. Please read the bylaw carefully to understand where restricted freedom camping is permitted.   An interactive map is available on the Hurunui District Council website to show you the locations.

The rules are:

  1. Respect our environment. Leave the site clear of all rubbish, waste and damage. Understand that dumping waste and litter is an offence and will result in instant fines or prosecution. Litter infringement - $400
  2. Act responsibly, and respect the access and enjoyment rights of other public space users.
  3. Have immediate access to a three day capacity toilet, wastewater collection and rubbish disposal facilities. Toilet and greywater must be disposed of in an approved campervan dump station.
  4. Use designated public spaces, camping areas (e.g. Department of Conservation sites) or commercial premises as available. Check with the local i-SITE (information centre), local council website or other camping guides if unsure of freedom camping sites in the area. Appreciate that some environmentally or culturally sensitive areas, and some built-up areas will not permit any form of freedom camping.
  5. Understand that freedom camping is a temporary activity, generally considered to be two days unless otherwise informed.

Local grey waste dump station locations


› Amberley Beach Campground, Amberley Beach Road
› Delhaven Motels & Caravan Park, 124 Carters Road
› Mobil Petrol Station, Carters Road


› just off State Highway 1 (town centre)


› just off State Highway 7 (town centre) at the Culverden Service Hub, beside the Rutherford Reserve.

Greta Valley

› Greta Valley Camping Ground, off State Highway 1

Hanmer Springs

› Alpine Adventure Holiday Park, 200 Jacks Pass Road
› Alpine Holiday Apartments & Campground, 9 Fowlers Lane
› Hanmer River Holiday Park, 26 Medway Road
› Hanmer Springs TOP 10 Holiday Park, Hanmer Springs Road
› Pines Holiday Park, 158 Argelins Road
› Hanmer Springs Road (next door to the Hanmer Springs signage)


› Balmoral Recreation Reserve (beside the Hurunui River)

Leithfield Beach

› Leithfield Beach Motor Camp, 18 Lucas Drive


› Waiau Motor Camp & Backpackers, 9 Highfield Street


› Waikari Domain, Princes Street


› Waipara Sleepers, Glenmark Drive


EV Charging Stations


› State Highway 1 entrance to Countdown Supermarket carpark (Brackenfields).


› just off State Highway 7 (town centre) at the Culverden Service Hub, beside the Rutherford Reserve.

Hanmer Springs

› Bella Vista Motel - please note fee applicable at this site



Recycling and Rubbish Disposal

There are free recycling drop off points at the Amberley, Culverden, Hanmer Springs, Waiau and Waikari Transfer Stations for newspapers, magazines, food and drink cans, plastic bottles, cardboard and paper.

Recycle bins are located in Hanmer Springs (beside the library and Chisholm Crescent playground), Culverden (beside the public toilets), Cheviot township and Gore Bay. They take:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • flattened cardboard
  • junk mail flyers
  • glass bottles and jars (no lids & rinsed)
  • food, drink and pet food cans (clean)
  • plastic bottles

Hurunui District Council Transfer Station Locations

Hurunui District Council Refuse and Recycling Collection Information


Helpful Websites /  Camping Apps

Travel smarter with CamperMate, the essential free New Zealand travel app that makes travelling around New Zealand easier than ever before! Get locations of public toilets, rubbish bins, campsites, free wifi, supermarkets and much more wherever you are in New Zealand.

DriveSafe  has been developed to help visitors to New Zealand safely enjoy their self-drive holiday.  Driving is a great way to experience all New Zealand has to offer. But driving in New Zealand may be unlike driving in other countries.  This site provides basic information about New Zealand road rules and etiquette, along with links to more details about everything that those unfamiliar with our roads need to know.

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Camping in New Zealand. #explorerespectNZ  

Freedom Camping in the Canterbury Region.  The best way to explore the diverse region of Canterbury is via road. Self-contained vehicles give you the flexibility to stop often, explore the hidden gems and to experience the countryside like a local. As the Canterbury region is made up of several local authorities, it's important you're aware of the by-laws and freedom camping restrictions for each district.

Freedom Camping Etiquette.  New Zealand is a country of pristine and breathtaking beauty and a great way to experience this is by Freedom Camping. In order to preserve our environment for visitors, locals and future generations to enjoy, please make yourself familiar with our Freedom Camping etiquette and the 'Kiwi' saying "leave only footprints".

Camping New Zealand Where Can I Camp? Assume Nothing.  Always Ask!  New Zealand is a beautiful country.  Help keep our cities, parks, beaches and native bush free from waste.

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Leithfield Beach Holiday Park

Phone: +64 3 314 8518
Address: 18 Lucas Drive, Leithfield Beach
Qualmark: 3
Price: $15 (NZD)

Leithfield Beach Holiday Park is a family orientated seaside camp. The camp has full bathroom, laundry and kitchen facilities, a TV room and wireless internet provided by IKS (charges apply). The camp has sheltered sites, adjacent to the beach with a re ...

Cheviot Motels and Holiday Park

Phone: +64 3 319 8607
Address: 44 Ward Road, Cheviot, 7310
Price: $15 - $180.00 (NZD)

"The Quiet One" Set on 5 tranquil acres away from the busy State Highway 1 but still within walking distance of the town centre. Our 'Kiwiana' setting includes 6 newly refurbished motel units, 2 cabins (including Cheviot's original Jailhouse), 8 powered ...

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Waipara Sleepers

Phone: +64 3 314 6003
Address: 12 Glenmark Drive, Waipara
Price: $25 - $70.00 (NZD)

Waipara Sleepers delivers a unique experience, providing accommodation in a selection of converted historic railway wagons. Each retains its original period features and sits on it's own piece of track, wheels and all! Nestled within a real country garden ...

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