Hurunui Tourism Destination Management Plan

Protecting and sharing what we treasure

Protecting and sharing what we treasure

A Destination Management Plan for the Hurunui District

This whakataukī, or Māori proverb, articulates the aspirations and expectations the community of Hurunui have for the visitor economy into the future. As visitors are welcomed into Hurunui and engage with the people and place of the district, the benefits they provide back to local communities are tangible and understood. The reciprocal relationship between the host and the traveller uplifting all involved and providing a platform on which to develop a resilient and sustainable tourism eco-system.

The naming of this plan came through community consultation and articulates the need to ensure that what is treasured most by the communities of, and visitors to, Hurunui region is accessible, protected and preserved for generations to come. With the number of natural assets scattered throughout the district, the strong rural psyche and backbone of the district, and the powerful connection that exists between the people and place, it makes sense that the heart of this destination management plan rests around the need to protect these treasures and sharing what we have with visitors.

Hurunui’s abundance of natural assets, stunning clifftop views, lush forests and strong historical connection to wellbeing, make it a destination with the potential for unique experiences around every corner. The key to the success of this plan will be unlocking that potential, capitalising on the opportunities that exist throughout the district and building awareness of what the destination has to offer.

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