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Amuri Alpine Rafting

869 Hanmer Springs Road

Raft down the Waiau River on this Grade 2 river, taking in the beautiful scenery and then be blown away by a ride in a jet boat on your way back to Base!

$99 - $169  (NZD)


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869 Hanmer Springs Road
Hanmer Springs

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Leave from Amuri Rafting and Jet Boating river base, heading down stream through the Waiau Gorge.

Stopping for a swim or a jump of the rocks into crystal clear waters, weather permitting.

Take in the marvels of Marble Point and the fault line running through the rocks.

Then you get to sit back and hold on as our jet boat picks you up and brings you back to the base.

Hold on as the driver skims across only 100 mm of water, close to the gorge cliff face and puts the boat in to a Hamilton spin.

This is a Grade 2 river and a great trip for all.

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42 Amuri Avenue
Hanmer Springs
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 315 0000
Free phone : 0800 442 663 (NZ only)