St James Walkway and Lewis Pass WalksRSS

Covering 66 km over 4–5 days, the St James Walkway starts and finishes at Lewis Pass and Boyle Village on SH 7 (30km apart). The walkway is not difficult, but the climate can be extreme and the track is prone to avalanches over winter. It should not be attempted during winter months unless you are an experienced tramper.

Mountain bikes and horses are not permitted on the St James Walkway. However, two marked tracks from the Waiau River allow horse riders and mountain bikers to use Christopher and Anne huts.

  • Lewis Pass to Cannibal Gorge Hut - 3hr 30min / 7km
  • Cannibal Gorge Hut to Ada Pass Hut - 1hr 30min / 3km
  • Ada Pass Hut to Christopher Hut - 4hr 30min / 10.5km
  • Christopher Hut to Anne Hut - 5hr / 15km
  • Anne Hut to Boyle Flat Hut - 7hr / 15km
  • Boyle Flat Hut to Boyle Village - 5hr 30min / 14.5km
  • Boyle Village to Magdalen Hut - 4hr / 10km

Te Araroa

Te Araroa is a walking trail from Cape Reinga to Bluff and passes through St James. From Nelson Lakes National Park, it crosses Waiau Pass, and joins the Waiau Pass route and track along the true right of Waiau River and then links to the St James Walkway through to Boyle Village.

  • Blue Lake Hut to Caroline Bivvy - 8 hours
  • Caroline Bivvy to Anne River Hut - 13 hours, 37km
  • Anne River Hut to Boyle Village - 13 hours, 30km


pdfMap of St James Conservation Area


Waiau Pass Track

Waiau Pass Track follows the true right of the Waiau River from Anne Hut to Caroline Bivvy. After Caroline Bivvy the track becomes a route to Waiau Pass and is suitable for experienced trampers only. Those walking to Caroline Bivvy from Maling Pass can use an old 4WD track on the true left of the Waiau River (not shown on map). Cross the rabbit fence at the locked gate then follow the 4WD track for 3 km before crossing the river to join Waiau Pass Track.

For more information refer to Waiau Pass – Blue Lakes Route Guide.

W1. Anne Hut to Henry Track junction - 2hr 30min / 6.5km
W2. Henry Track junction to Ada Track junction - 2hr / 5.5km
W3. Ada Track junction to Lake Guyon junction - 1hr 30min / 3.2km
Waiau Pass Track to Lake Guyon junction - 20min / 800m
W4. Lake Guyon junction to Maling junction - 2hr / 5km
Waiau Pass Track to cycle trail - 5min / 200m
W5. Maling junction to Caroline Bivvy - 3hr 30 min / 10km

Waiau Pass Route

W6. Caroline Bivvy to Waiau Pass 4–5 hr
Waiau Pass to Blue Lake Hut 3–4 hr

Link Tracks

W7. Henry Track – Waiau Pass Track junction to Saddle Spur Bridge - 1hr / 3.2km
W8. Ada Track – Waiau Pass Track junction to Christopher Hut - 1hr 30min / 4.8km

Fowlers Pass Track

Fowlers Pass (1296m) connects Fowlers Hut on Tophouse Road with Stanley Vale and Lake Guyon huts. This marked track has river crossings, scree slopes, and a variety of gradients. Please note that particularly in winter, snow can make travel difficult and the area is prone to avalanches.

E1. Fowlers Hut to Stanley Vale Hut - 4hr / 12km
E2. Stanley Vale Hut to Lake Guyon Hut - 1hr 30min / 4km

Stanley River Route

This marked route links Charlies Saddle in the Edwards Valley to Stanley Vale Hut. The route follows the Stanley River, and passes through an interesting geological area known as The Racecourse. There are several river crossings which can make travel difficult in times of high rainfall and during spring snowmelt.

E3. Stanley Vale Hut to Charlies Saddle 6hr / 16.5km

Peters Loop

Time: 5hr (walking time)

Distance: 15km

From St James Homestead, follow Peters Valley Track to the junction with Edwards Valley Track.

Follow Edwards Track to Tophouse Road and then along the road back to St James Homestead for an easy 15-km loop.

C9. St James Homestead to junction of Peters and Edwards tracks - 2 hr 30 min / 7 km
C10. Peters -Edwards track junction to Tophouse Road - 1 hr 30 min / 4.2 km
Tophouse Rd to St James Homestead - 1 hr / 3.4 km

Walking the St James Cycle Trail

All of the St James Cycle Trail can be used by trampers. The first section is an easy tramping track, following a 4WD track as it sidles up to Maling Pass at 1308m. From here there are great views of the Spencer Range and Mt Una – the highest peak at 2300m. From the pass the track drops more steeply to the Waiau River flats which are followed to the turn-off to Lake Guyon. Beyond the Lake Guyon junction the trail is tramping track standard.