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Huts in St James range from serviced to basic. Historic huts are maintained to preserve their heritage and provide very basic shelter (no bunks). You will need to have purchased hut tickets or a back country hut pass before your stay.

Tickets are available from all DOC offices, the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre.

Huts operate on a first-come basis. Take a tent with you during busy times. To camp by a serviced hut and use the facilities costs one hut ticket / adult / night. During busy times DOC hut wardens may be present at serviced huts.

Serviced hut: bunks or sleeping platforms with mattresses. Heating, water supply, toilet and hand washing facilities. 3 hut tickets per adult per night.

Standard hut: bunks or sleeping platforms with mattresses. Toilet and water supply. 1 hut ticket per adult per night.

Basic hut: basic shelter with limited facilities and services. Free

Shelter: on St James Conservation Area these are historic huts managed to promote their historic value so are not to DOC hut standard. They are suitable as shelters.



There is a basic camping at Lake Tennyson with 2WD vehicle access, toilets and tent sites.

You can also camp anywhere on St James Conservation Area.

  • Choose your campsite carefully to minimise damage to surrounding vegetation.
  • Be tidy and leave no trace of your visit.
  • Use a gas stove for cooking.
  • Detergents, soap and toothpaste can harm aquatic life; use biodegradable products and wash in a container well away from the water.
  • Use toilets provided. If there are no toilets, select sites 50 metres or more from waterways and dig a hole 20–30cm deep.

Camping is possible on Molesworth Recreation Reserve beside the Clarence River and Tophouse Road. Unless self-contained, all campervans should park near toilet facilities.