Palomine Hanmer Horse Trekking

300 Woodbank Road

Come and experience a unique trek on our own little piece of paradise in Hanmer Springs!


$50 - $160  (NZD)


300 Woodbank Road
Hanmer Springs

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Our horses aren’t just work horses they are part of our family and the joy they bring to us when they are waiting for us at the gate every morning just instantly brings warm fuzzies and a huge smile to our face no matter what, they all just love cuddles. 

OK Coral Pony Rides  30 Min Experience  ​$50 pp

For the up and coming cowboy or cowgirls out there.
Meet you pony pal, give them a pat hello and then brush as there will be no rush.
As you climb into the saddle have no fear, there will be no battle as I lead you down the trail full of smiles over a country mile.
When you get back don’t hit the track before treating your pony and yourself to a sweet little snack. 

The Pony Express  1 Hr - 1.5 Hr  Experience  ​$100 - $140 pp

The ride for all cowboys and cowgirls, no matter how many hours you have had in the saddle.  Meet and greet your trusty ole steeds, they will let you know they are only here to please. Take a deep breath as you sit in the saddle, then relax and ride without no fiddle or faddle.
Enjoy the views we have here, the mountains, the fresh air, 
along the majestic curious deer.
Homeward bound we will then go, this ride is perfect for a family show 

The Doc Holiday Trail 2 Hr Experience *Coming Soon* - $160pp

The ride for the experienced cowboys and cowgirls.
Meet and Greet your trusty ole steed, you know their look, they walk and their toalk so ne need to take heed, just leap into the saddle and take the lead.
Relax as we wind through the trails of the farm taking in the beautiful views will make you feel so calm, before long your pal will climb the hills elevating you to the still stunning views, the trail so flat and steedy that you better get your camera ready.

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Information correct as at: 04 September 2023

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