Visit Hurunui’s top five Instagrammable spots

Check out these great spots for the gram

1. Cathedral Cliffs

Stunning coastline and majestic cliffs – this is a must-stop spot. From the Cathedral Cliffs viewpoint right by the main road, you can get spectacular shots of the eroded siltstone pillars and the coastline right down to Gore Bay. It’s one of the most photographed features in the area. 

How to get there – drive on State Highway 1 to Cheviot then turn down the signposted Gore Bay Road. The lookout is well signposted. It’s 100km from Christchurch.

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2. Hanmer Springs Lookout

This landscape will take your breath away. Standing at the Hanmer Springs Lookout you can see the stunning valley carved out by the Waiau River, the one-lane Waiau Ferry bridge, snow-capped mountains (in winter) in the distance, and beautiful natural forests. Everyone gets a good shot here. 

How to get there - it’s on Hanmer Springs Road, just look for the sign after you’ve crossed the Waiau Ferry Bridge.

3. Frog Rock

What’s not to love about a giant rock that’s shaped like a frog? Located on State Highway 7 on the Weka Pass, the best way to view the limestone formation is to take a ride on the Weka Pass Railway – but parking bays on the roadside also give you a great shot. It’s best viewed as you’re heading east towards State Highway 1. While you’re in the area, see if you can spot the Seal Rock which is to the west of Frog Rock. 

How to get there – drive along State Highway 7 – Weka Pass. Frog Rock is between the towns of Waipara and Waikari.

4. Wonderful Waiau

Waiau is one of the oldest towns in North Canterbury and there are incredible views from the hill that sits behind the township. You can look for miles across the plains, mountains and the Waiau River. 

How to get there -  Drive along State Highway 70, Inland Kaikoura route. 30 kilometres east of Hanmer Springs. Once you arrive in town, follow the signs to the hill top.

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5. Amberley Beach

When you step onto Amberley beach you feel like you are at the end of the world – the ocean and coastline is so vast it seems endless. Best of all, you’ll likely have the place to yourself - apart from the odd surfer, fisherman or walker. This isolation makes it a great Insta spot.

How to get there – Head north on State Highway 1 – Turn into Hursley Terrace Road in Amberley and follow until Amberley Beach Road.

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