In its oldest forms, cakes were modifications of breads, but they now cover a wide range of preparations that can be simple or elaborate.

We asked our bakers for their top cake, classic or modern, that will keep you warm on the inside this Winter.

Little Vintage

20 Markham Street, Amberley

It’s no surprise Little Vintage owner Matt went for a vintage, classic cake – the cheesecake. “It’s the best cheesecake you can get,” says Matt. “It’s got the best base and it’s just the best all round.”

Nana’s old recipe is the secret with this large range of delicate cheesecakes. Cherry sells best, but I wouldn’t shy away from their elderberry, lemon and strawberry cakes either.


5 Conical Hill Rd, Hanmer Springs

Simply, more people order our Blackberry Fudge Brownie than anything else, says Steve who looks after WhatEver! It’s a 46-year-old winning recipe that was never written down. You’ll have to get inside his wife Jill’s head to crack open this recipe for yourself.

“It’s probably from her mum or her granny... we’ve altered it a couple of times but it’s never fallen from the most popular dessert.”

Blacksmiths Café

1208 Karaka Road, Hurunui

This dish was a 30-year-old secret before Sean dug it out again to make use of the fruit in his backyard. Now it’s a hit. The Local Plum and French Tree Clafoutis – a French dessert with the appearance of a tart, served with custard and berry ice cream. Delicious!

“It’s full of rich goodness,” says Sean. “I like it, and everyone else seems to like it too”.

Two Rivers

11 Hall Street, Cheviot

Citrus heaven is the pick at Two Rivers Café in Cheviot by Debbie. Their gluten free coconut lemon slice, topped with meringue and served with cream and plum coulis, is in hot demand. “It’s the one cake where we get everyone asking for the recipe,” says Debbie. “It’s something we have that’s a little bit different”.