We know... It’s a big call, but we’re ready to take on the Christchurch Botanic Gardens and say our Cheviot has the best patch!


In Spring the Cheviot Domain comes to life with a stunning array of daffodils - there are thousands!

They bloom around the historic foundations of William ‘Ready Money’ Robinson’s large homestead. It burnt down in 1936 but its concrete foundations still remain, and the front steps now support the Cheviot cricket pavilion.

The homestead was the heart of Cheviot Hills Reserve, Robinson’s 33,000-hectare estate that was sold and subdivided by the Government in 1892 to create smaller farms and Cheviot village.

What we now call the Domain, was Robinson’s garden and many of the oak, magnolia and rhododendrons he planted in the late 1800s are still there.

With these enormous 150-year-old trees, the Domain is worth a visit at any time of year. And that sea of white and yellow daffodils that springs up from the ground makes it even better!

They appear just in time for the Cheviot Spring Festival! It’s a great event that the whole community celebrates with market stalls, music, floral art and spring fare!