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  • The locals! They are just the most relaxed, welcoming, and friendly people I’ve ever met!
  • The Hurunui River Mouth is one of the best fishing spots around
  • Picnicking along the Waipara River, where fossils are still being uncovered today!
  • Driving the Molesworth and checking out this wicked history, which is hidden beyond Hanmer Springs village
  • The coastline of Manuka Bay is rugged and you'll have the beach to yourself
  • I finally checked out the Cathedral Cliffs at Gore Bay and now see why they're on the map!
  • The shell fence at Gore Bay is an iconic Kiwi version of the Love Lock Bridge.
  • I like to take my binoculars and go bird-spotting along the Kowai River Walk
  • I recently discovered the beauty of untamed Motunau Beach.
  • Driving from my home in Selwyn to Hurunui on a frosty morning is like entering another world every time you come around a corner.
  • The Alpine Pacific Touring Route means you can be sipping on amazing wines one minute and then half an hour later be in a remote and rugged beach
  • The Waiau River is a beaut spot for fishing, and during the seasons, salmon and trout are everywhere
  • Going back in time near the Waipara Gorge and seeing what sort of weird and wonderful things once roamed here!
  • (100) A remote and peaceful stroll along Stringers Bridge
  • Exploring the old buildings at St James homestead was so unexpected and we even got to ride a horse!
  • The area around the Bone Line winery is so fascinating and I love their ode to the fossils from 65 million years ago
  • Foraging for blackberries in Hurunui or anywhere you see them on a roadside
  • There is unreal fishing at Nape Nape beach, which is epic in itself with limestone cliffs. Could be mistaken for Jurassic Park!
  • The drive into Hanmer Springs is one of my favourites, as you wind your way into the hills and along the river
  • Waikari and the limestone landscapes are a photographer's dream
  • I love the colours of the Hurunui. Green grass to brown hillsides, cabbage trees to massive old pines. Blue green sea to clean clear rivers to snow lines. We have it all!
  • There is amazing bird life throughout this region, which I enjoy capturing on camera.
  • Ironridge Quarry is unlike anywhere I've been - with these cool interactive sculptures in a converted quarry
  • Hanmer Horse treks take you up and into places you wouldn't be able to access otherwise and our host Marianne was so knowledgeable
  • If you like spooky things or haunted places... Queen Mary's Hospital is an eerie place to visit but it's also a grand old building with some amazing history behind it
  • Having lived here for many years we love the fact there are so many hidden gems!
  • There's some amazing history in Waiau, like the wee cob cottage.

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