Here you can find our current plans and strategies.  We hope you find them helpful and an interesting read.

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  • Tourism Review YE June 2013
    This document reviews the previous years marketing plan.

  • Hurunui District Signage Audit 2012
    Background: MWH New Zealand Ltd (MWH) was commissioned by Hurunui Tourism (HT) to carry out an audit of the existing tourism signage in the district and develop a Visitor Signage Enhancement Plan for the Hurunui District. The enhancement plan focuses on visitor needs and creating the appropriate awareness for tourist attractions in the district. HT would like to improve the on-road awareness and to further promote some of key the recreational destinations within the region such as Lake Sumner, Nape Nape, Gore Bay and Motunau Beach. By recording the existing tourist signage at these locations an effective strategy can be created if the current awareness of the attraction is not satisfactory.


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