You know Cheviot – that pretty small town on State Highway One in North Canterbury? Well, it’s on the hunt for some good buggers to visit and support its businesses.

The amount of traffic visiting the town, around 90 minutes north of Christchurch, has decreased dramatically as a result of the partial closure of State Highway One due to the November 2016 earthquake.

That’s had a huge impact on local businesses – some are down 60%.

The business community has come up with a new campaign ‘Good Buggers’ to encourage visitors.

The ‘Good Buggers’ campaign has two parts:

1. There are 55 ‘Good Bugger’ Hampers of locally-made products that are for sale online via Cheviot NZ Facebook page.

2. For the month of February, anyone who visits the town will be entered into prize draws for every $20 they spend. There is also a $500 hamper to be won each week and a weekend away courtesy of Air New Zealand and Heritage Hotels to Wellington, Auckland or Queenstown to be won at the end of February.

So do it... be a good bugger and support the good buggers in Cheviot.