Amberley families, cat lovers and breeders all contributed to a great turn out at the New Zealand Siamese Cat Association cat show. Those who came along for a look loved it; sticking their fingers in the cages, picking their favourites and listening to the judge’s decisions.

In case you missed it, we went along and jotted down the best bits.

  • It’s not often the Amberley domain is home to over 40 cats! Siamese, British Shorthairs, Scottish Folds, Russian Blues and even domestic ginger and tabby cats were on show.

  • Amberley hosted a very fine competition! Many judges noted there was “only an eyelash of difference” between some of the cats in each category.

  • And they have a great day. In between sleeping they sat proudly a top of their pillows, waiting for the judges to ooze over their beauty and pay them some attention.

  • To add some colour and character, all of the cages are lined with bright, themed fabrics – giving the cat on show some personality and finesse.

  • Unlike the long-haired competitions, the owners say all it takes to pretty them up is a good brush, some nail clipping and maybe a bath.

  • While the judging was taken seriously there were still a lot of laughs in between scoring. Discussions about breeds, temperament and beauty were at the forefront of discussion between judges and owners who all share the same passion: cats.