You name the car, it was in Waiau, causing a rare but welcome traffic jam through the main streets.

Market stalls boasting homemade jams, jewellery and furniture, were out in attendance with the locals, anticipating the arrival of the annual Kaikoura Hop – and it was one you couldn’t miss! The roar from the exhausts of more than 100 classic cars came as a delight to the ears of petrol heads, and to the kids at Waiau Area School, who lined up along the fence itching to get a glimpse of every one of the vehicles with bright hand-matched colours, American decor and shiny rims.

It was a sight Waiau loves to see - car parks were in hot demand and classics lined up to fill the paddock behind the Waiau Lodge Hotel; others took over the Motor Service’s petrol pumps in preparation for the drive back. Brenda’s on Lyndon and the Lodge Hotel proved popular during the hot day, with many enjoying a pint at the Lodge while other car enthusiasts and their kids kicked back on the green, enjoying lunch, ice creams and even a Woodstock bourbon.

And you can’t forget the drive. Many enthusiasts say it was the highlight, cruising with their beloveds... and their family and friends, on a hot sunny day over the open roads; starting at the seaside of Kaikoura, through the rolling countryside to Waiau.

The top 5 reasons why you can’t miss the Kaikoura Hop Waiau Day Out next year:

  • It’s not often you get the opportunity to admire hundreds of unique classic cars!
  • It’s a festive, family-focused day out where everyone’s in a good mood and there’s a lovely relaxed vibe in the village.
  • There are some of the best personalised plates in town – [USABRD] & a Beetle’s [BUG YA] are just a couple in mind.
  • A drive in the Hurunui is a wonderful experience – rolling hills, big blue skies, wonderful villages and fantastic landscapes.
  • And then there’s the obvious... you get to spend a day in sunny Waiau with its gorgeous village square.